versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011


1. Objectives of the Congress
More important than is primordial the question stands up for us. WHICH THE CAUSE OF this CONGRESS? Must lift a CAMPAIGN of prayer and intercession between the DIRECTORSHIP, be able to be 15 minutes daily (or since they want what is) Pará that it will not be only a "party". It will take salvation of souls as priorities (children's conversion) they say of children of the church and up to from the outside, so I accepted JESUS with 10 years and I was A PASTOR'S daughter, I me them had to accept it. This changed my life. In fact these OBJECTIVES must be valued by each integrant of the DIRECTORSHIP OF the GROUP and gone over again for the children for reflection. I eat for example: God wants to operate in our congress, but not only in this, in the worships, in our daily lives and etc....

2. Resources for the realization of the congress
For any realization we will dispose of financial resources, and for such it is important that the GROUP has a TREASURER (A) and this one controls a "BOX" with register and control of expenses and receipts, and anticipate the resources, and ask near the SHEPHERD of the church for offers brothers' volunteers, since the CHILDLIKE GROUP does not dispose of members who work like youth and others.
Then it is important the maximum of possible resources stands up to invest in the event.

3. Organizing team
The Childlike Group must think about CONGRESS and must be a motivated, and unanimous TEAM between you. There is very necessary the use and application of the TERM " projection ", the team owes still be caused by his LOCAL SHEPHERD and by the CHURCH, must run behind the things and look for help in several resources. It must be spiritual and to have vision of eagle. To see there in the front the results and to be wrapped.

4. It dates from the event
A date adapted for the realization of the event, which is careless to the members and the children for his participation, gives preference to the future dates, for the proper preparation of too many items.

5. Subject
Must the subject be anything made a list to the hard-working life of the children and after the church, there are different the congresses in which I preach that the subject is not much distant of the reality of life of the children, that an EXAMPLE of as it will interact with that? SUBJECT: Be on the lookout, be firm in the faith; behave varonilmente, and strengthen you. Is it a subject? Yes, clear what is, but which is the application for the children? It is easy adult knots we understand that, however it is necessary to find a suggestive subject.
Now another example: Watch MATEUS 24-42, so, because you do not know to which hour your Sir will come. Now yes, it is a suggestive subject. With other groups in the church it is possible to the suggestion of the members, already of the children it is not much complicated, since many people are still not taught to read and write. Then the DIRECTORSHIP must pray to GOD and exchange ideas between you of suggestive subjects.
6. Preacher you (are)
Another important factor, in fact I always want to invite someone who PREACHES for the children and a message brings the church also with the same direction. Is what we see in fact a preacher to be invited for children and it preaches for the church and the children are "floating" please, they wait for the year completely for this event, there someone comes and it preaches for the adults? When it very much took care in the choice, it is due to know the person, or at least have indications as to her. And always to have the endorsement of the LOCAL SHEPHERD and to consult it before.

7. Singer you (are)
Singer is another important item, they are due to realize the " talents of the house " since well at ours around they are present. Give preference for childlike singers or adolescent-daily pay, so since the party is of the kids same.

8. Uniforms
It is this what more makes me shudder, (rsrsr) in fact it is necessary to begin the planning in much advance, I advise to plan of at least from 03 to 06 months, since so you can be planning the PARCELAMENTO of the value with the parents, to collect the sight can bring upsets to them, then be careless.
Remembering what with 03 months of antecedence you can plan for example: 01 month for meetings with the parents, and agreement of prices, color, types and sizes and to take the measurements and others two months for the production of the uniform and receiving of two pieces.

9. Decoration of the church
The decoration depending on the church, can be done by the "AUNTS" and the young persons. With resources, in the purchase of BALOES, production of materials of E.V.A. and etc. É very suggestive between the AUNTS, so it is a creativity what is not going to be lacking. A few important details taken care with the balloons in the church, for which if the palestrante is going to use some visual resource (Front page and posters) that do not confuse the children of seeing them, since sometimes they are put in the middle of the church and in the end it can disturb, use the side ones, the entry and etc....

10 organization of the planning in general.

Finally, in order that a good CONGRESS has been it must be to have a motivated, and unanimous TEAM between you.
There is very necessary the use and application of the TERM " projection " therefore if you have interest in doing a congress, rethink in the OBJECTIVES above quoted, and PRAY TO GOD and look for spiritual objectives like, salvation, to move of GOD, and principally, praise and gratitude to GOD.

These words were not copied of " books or specialized publications " they are all of authorship of the Aunt Priscila.

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