versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011


KNOW MORE: John 11:16; 14:15; 20: 24-31.
I AIM: To show the difference between being incredulous and doubting.
TO HAVE OF: Twins' photos. To create a quick dialog to see what the children
they know on the twins.
My name is Tomé and the persons call me Dídimo, that signifi here
twins. This indicates that there was another brother well been similar to me. To
times, the history is not totally certain on the persons. They are remembered
of some facts, and they are forgotten of others.
I knew to Jesus equally to other disciples and O followed for
covered in dust ways of Palestine. I always wanted to be sure, before
of believing in something. It had to have proofs to be able to believe. It was not liking
simply of having to believe because they were telling me that it was needing to believe in
something, only because he had said someone to believe. I was needing to meditate
and to think well before acting. My parents taught us to me and to my brother
that we had to be so and we had always acted in this form.
The years survived with Jesus were marvellous.
I saw amazing things,
you do not punish when it cured the persons, but also for the acts that we were seeing
in the small group that was accompanying Jesus, I eat in the time in which O come
to walk on the sea. It was fantastic!
Between us, there was much liveliness. Nearly always, we were talking as it would be
the God's kingdom, because up to that time, we were believing which Jesus would come to defeat them
Romans and to establish a Jewish kingdom. A great deal of us we were thinking that we would have
a special place in this new kingdom. Since we were so mistaken!
But one day, Jesus told to us that He would go to Jerusalem and there O would kill.
None of us understood. It did not pass over our head the possibility
of what our Master was dying, however this day arrived and so it happened.
When that took place, all of we escape. Some fi caram at Maria's home,
in the superior part and others they escaped for other places.
When I returned, days after Jesus had been buried, I was
with my companions and the first thing what they said to me was what Jesus
it was alive. I thought that it was a fun of bad taste and there said to him what
if I not O was seeing personally, and if I am not putting my hands in
His wounds, I might not believe.

One day, I was in the part from above of the house. A great deal of my colleagues
they were really cheerful. They were hearing the women who had seen it
Jesus. However, I had not seen anything. So, I could not believe.
Suddenly, we hear the marvellous and unmistakable voice of Jesus. Only
it entered, looked at me and said:
- Approach Tomé!
And I was shown by His wounds and His side. At this moment, me me
I kneeled before him and O recognized like my God.
- My god and my Sir!
He touched my shoulder and called myself:
- You believe because you have been seeing. There are others what they believed in Me and what they do not become
never. Many people, from that day, call me incredulous. However, I never
I was incredulous. An incredulous one refuses believing in what he sees. I not. I believed
in the same instant. I hardly had doubts. To doubt demands to examine, to analyse
and to think; it does not believe in any thing. So, I am not incredulous.
I APPEAL: When someone says something to us, we have to think and
to ask, even to be sure. Nothing is more certain as for what it refers
to the teachings on God.
PRAYER: Let's pray to God so that it gives us certainties, based in
evidences of His Word. (Pray with the children.)

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