versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011


Drawing Astonishes I
Material: Paint gouache, brush, foolscap.
*Dobrar the leaf to the way, to open, to drip with the brush in ink in the fold.
To return doubling the leaf, in spite of the fact that the fingers to spread the paint in the leaf.
To open the leaf, and that it astonishes! A lovely drawing!

Bolinhas of Soap
Material: Anilinas (3), colorless detergent, straws, foolscap, disposable metal adornments or jugs of plastics (or - 3)
*Em each glass, each glass puts a little detergent with some drops of anilina (with a different color)
Wet the straw in the detergent and it is blowing doing bolinhas from soap on top of the leaf.

Drawing of Shut Eyes
Material:giz of wax and foolscap
*Fazer freely on the white paper drawings with the chalk without taking away it of the paper, however, with the shut eyes.
Then to color between the drawing.

Material:papel pricked with the hand or with the scissors,
foolscap, crayon and glue
*Desenhar freely with the pencil and then to glue pricked paper.

I draw in Drops
Material:Canetinha of fine tip, pencil, rubber and trade
*Desenhar freely, however with light.

To fill out the whole drawing doing little drops with the canetinha,
Including the outline of the drawing that must be done from pencil and then undone with the rubber
I draw with anilina and Chlorinate
Material: Cotton, anilina, cotton bud and chlorine
*misture water with some drops of anilina, and coma cotton passes by any leaf and leave to dry.
Then wet the cotton bud in the chlorine and do free drawings.

I draw with Bolinha de Gude
Material:caixa of shirt, colorful glue or gouache
and bolinhas of gude
*coloque a leaf inside the box and drip
some drops from the gouache (or it sticks),
and the bolinhas
Put the lid on the box and shake.

Surprised art II Material:guache
*Em top of a table from formica, spread gouache
and draw what he wants with the finger.
Put the leaf on top of the drawing and pinch.

I draw with toothpaste
Material: paper black card and white toothpaste
*Desenhe in the paper using the toothpaste
I draw in the sandpaper
Material:giz of wax and sandpaper of wall
*Recorte the sandpaper in the wanted size and do drawings using the chalk.

I draw the Candle
Material:giz of wax, candle
*derreta the tip of the chalk in the candle and draw freely
Stylish collage
*Você can do collage with bean, flour, pasta, wool,
leaves, odds and ends of cloth, etc.
Material: perforator, paper card and colorful wool
*Faça several holes in the paper, and we put the wool buraquinhos wanted.

Stamp of Fruits
Material:algumas fruits, brush and gouache
*Corte the fruit to the way, pass gouache and stamp in the paper.

Collage with Scrap metal
Material:Sucatas (sticks, forminhas of docinho and salted,
EVA'S surplus, buttons, filter melita, lid of bottle pet,
And others...
*use the imagination
Painting with Colorful Glue
*desenhe or paint freely using glue of
several colors
I draw in high relief
Material:folha trade, chalk from wax and string
*Faça on top of the table a drawing with to string.
Put the leaf of trade for top and with
The lying down chalk, paint the whole leaf.

I draw with ray - x
Material:folhas of ray - x, I chlorinate and glues colored.
*limpe the ray - x with chlorine (does that at home, light I clean)
and draw using the finger with the glues colored.

Arts with newspaper
Material:jornal, gouache and brush
*Desenhe freely in the newspaper using brush and gouache
*Você also it can tear newspaper of the size what he will want and stick in the foolscap or black card.
I draw with white chalk
Material:papel black card or card,
A bowl with water and white chalk
*Deixe the chalk of bunch in the water for some minutes,
then do drawings freely,
I draw in the crepe paper
Material: Crepe paper, chlorine and brush
*Recorte the crepe in square, jetty
the brush in the chlorine and draw.

I draw with logical blocks
Material:papel when country-dances were colored in geometrical forms and it sticks
*formar the wanted drawing using only the forms
Collage of newspaper on the black bottom
Material: newspaper, glue, scissors, black card
*Faça drawing of silhouettes in the newspaper and stick on the card
Magic drawing
Material:giz of wax white, cotton and anilina
*Desenhe freely on paper using only the white chalk.
Using the cotton, pass anilina in the whole leaf and see the surprise!

Cutting out and collage
Material:folha of ofício.revistas for cutting out,
It cuts and sticks
*Faça collage on the subject of the classroom
Ex:A creation – “ Let's cut out and to glue which God did! ”
Magic drawing
Material:Giz of wax, needle and leaf of trade
*Passe chalk colored by the whole leaf, then with the chalk from wax
lying down black passes by any leaf and draw using a needle.
But when it took care not to perforate the paper.
Impression to the Way
Material: foolscap, paint gouache (3 different colors),
and brush.
*Dobre the leaf to mark the way, drips the paints in the fold and
close again and spread the paint with the tips of the fingers.
Open and see the impression.

Painting to finger
Material: paper 40 kilograms or card, porridge of wheat
When (3 different colors) were colored with anilina, to gather
*pingar the porridge in the leaf and to spread with the fingers
indicative and middle.
(maintain in the corner of the room a basin with water and a towel)
Painting to blow
Material: Straws, foolscap and anilina (blue, I yellow and redden)
*Pingar anilina in the paper and to be blowing with the straw,
mixing the colors.

Wet painting
Material: paper 40 kilograms or card, a basin with water,
Anilina (blue, I yellow and redden)
*Passar the leaf in the water, to leave to drip and the anilina to drip
Stamp of the dedinhos
Material: foolscap and paint gouache colored
*Carimbar the dedinhos in the leaf
Impression with sponge
Material: foolscap, paint gouache and cut sponges
in several forms.
*molhar the sponge in the gouache, to take away the excess and to print in the paper.

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