versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

The finality of the Evangelismo Infantil

They are three the finalities of the Evangelismo Infantil.
a) Salvation – is his principal finality. None children's evangelista, must be satisfied, while it will not get the conversion of the child which it links evangeliza. It must pray and work with this purpose.
b) Spiritual Growth – the children must be built in the faith of the Sir. It does not advance to gain them and to abandon them; we have what to strengthen them in order that the temptations to hold and they to be loyal up to the end.
c) Service – to prepare them to serve. It is necessary that the whole Christian is taught gathering his duty and doing something in the work of the Sir because only so the church will be able to carry out his mission of evangelizar the world (Mateus 18:14).

Childlike Evangelismo and his bases in the Bible

The childlike evangelismo has his bases in the God's word. In the New Testament we saw that the children were experts of the most necessary things.
a) Páscoas – Dt. 12:28
b) The orders – Rs II. 23:02 / Cr II. 20:13 / Dt. 6:7
c) The children were making to themselves Es a present in meetings of regret–. 10:01.

We should have done everything so that our generation receives the knowledge of the Sir Jesus in order that they do not walk in the darkness like millions and millions.

The value of the soul

In the scriptures there is given a great value of the soul of a child, Mt. 18:5 he says: " Anyone what the this boy such as receives my name, to me it receives ”. And Mc. 8:37; 9:37 it adds: " Receive not to me, me that it sent to me ’ ”.
It saves a child for Christ is to save a soul and a life, while he will win an adult is to save one, only a soul.

The God's plan in this work

It is the text base of the children's evangelização. Jesus solved the question of the age in which the child must be evangelizada. He used a child like example. And in Mc. 9:36, it explains that the child was quite small, since Jesus took it in his arms (it would not have any more than 6 years). Mt. 18:6 it resolves the problem of when the children they can believe. The teaching considered to age in which the children can be evangelizadas, applies for the evangelização for the parents in the home. The child must be evangelizada in the home between 3 to 4 years of age.

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