versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

versículo “Ensina a criança no caminho em que deve andar... Proverbios 22:6 a

segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011

EXAMPLE OF PROGRAM: " Praying for the Children of Brazil "

Objective of this planning: to teach praying for the children of his city, of his state and country, so that they they all come to know the Sir Jesus. To show to each child that she can be a missionary of Jesus at the place where she lives.
Material:Faça a poster with the map of Brazil. Paint his state and mark the place where it is his city.
1st Part - Part devocional
1. Canticle of the National anthem
Entry of the flag of Brazil
Parade of the children with flags or clothes that characterize the Brazilian states
2. Prayer for Brazil
3. Reading and explanation of the biblical text: Landmarks 10. 13-16
4. Praise - a group of children
5. Using the map of Brazil, speak with the children on some interesting facts of his state and of his city, focus the children, since they live, the difference between the social classes, what the rulers can do, which each one of us can do.
6. Necessities of his city
To pray for the children of his city, of the district and of the street where it resides - to call a child to do the prayer
(Beatriz Junqueira Accorsi)
Sweet and dear child,
Vision of love and purity!
Of the world you are the hope!
You are a strength, even undefended.

To the skies, minh'alma it is lifted up
While looking at yourself, child!
You smile, happily, without malice:
Of the angels you are the memory.

The one who had had given, you only were growing
In the body and mind, child!
And heart your, so pure,
It was never suffering change!

If the men were imitating you,
In your sweet vigor,
They would build a world
Of Faith, of Love, of Hope!

Sweet and dear child,
I am looking at you with gentleness,
When you were how,
So so simple, so pure!
8. Choral canticle for the children
9. Final prayer
2nd Part - Social Part
Jokes with the children and, then, tasty snack
Suggestion of Jokes
Necessary material: spacious room, chairs and an appliance of sound.
Development: it will be formed a circle with chairs, letting space between one and other one to make easy the access of the children. The quantity of chairs will have to be a juvenile of which the children's number. To the sound of a music, the children will walk around the chairs. Suddenly, the music will be interrupted and they all will have to occupy the chairs.
The children who not to manage to sit, will leave for the fun. One or two chairs will be withdrawn. Again, to the sound of the music, the children will circulate and they will seat when the music to cease. The joke continues, until a chair remains only and there will be winning that child whom to seat in the last chair.
Development: Two childish volunteers will assume the papers of cat and of mouse. Hand in hand the children form a circle and must make difficult the entry or exit of the cat, making easy the access of the mouse. To begin the mouse it is inside the circle and the cat had been. When the cat to manage to catch the mouse, another pair will begin the activity.
Necessary material: a wand, a big circle drawn with chalk in the centre of the room.
Development: The leader will choose a child to be the leader of the joke. This leader will have the function to hide a wand so that too many participants find it. All sometimes in what someone to approach the wand, the leader will say: " It is warming up! " All sometimes that they move away, the leader will say: " It is cold! " When someone to find, will say quite loudly: " Fire! Fire! ".
At this moment, all they will have to run to enter in the circle. What it found the wand, will try to touch (NEVER TO HIT) someone, before this one between in the circle. The child who found the wand starts to be the new leader. The one who will be touched by the wand, will leave for the fun. The joke continues until the group loses the interest.
Necessary material: a ball, a small beam, a sale for the eyes.
Development: The group will be divided in two or three teams with equal number of participants. Each team will choose a leader to be the advisor. A team, of every time will try to do goal, proceeding in the next way: the leader chooses a player of his team and this, with the blindfolded eyes, kicks the ball trying to do goal, when leader orientated by the companion. It defeats the team whom to manage to make more gols. Depending on the age of the children, the joke will be able to be made easy or made difficult, bringing near or removing whose beam is going to kick.
Necessary material: blackboard, chalk, sells to the eyes
Development: Each component of the group will have to go to the blackboard with the blindfolded eyes and do a drawing of free choice or suggested by the leader. It defeats the one who managed to draw better.

Necessary material: balloons (scamp of blow) and numbered pieces of paper. A list numbered with biblical questions, taken away of the lessons of the Dominical School.
Development: The leader will set the full balloons, each one free containing a piece of paper with a number. The number of balloons needs to be a correspondent to the number of participants. Each one will have to catch only a balloon and it blow up. However, it will have to wait his time. The leader will be calling the children, aleatoriamente or for draw, and will ask the question consulting to list that has in hand. Each child will have ten seconds to answer, under penalty of paying a gift not to be does not manage to answer correctly.

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